Last Revised: November, 2016


Disobeying the rules listed on this page while using any LuminousMC service will result in a punishment in the form of a warn, kick, temporary ban, permanent ban, temporary website ban or permanent website ban. The punishment is dependent on the severity of the rule broken and the judgement of the staff member. Previous infractions will be taken into account when punishing a player.

Although it is not a requirement, we highly encourage all players to use the /report feature in game upon encountering a player who is breaking any of the rules listed on this page. If the player is not in game or the rule broken does not pertain to the Minecraft server itself, please contact a staff member through Skype, email or our Teamspeak server.

A. General Etiquette and Behavior

  1. Maintain a casual and positive atmosphere at all times. Be respectful of all players. Harassment and bullying are strictly not allowed.
  2. Scamming (the act of stealing information, money, accounts or other private goods through deception or trickery) is not allowed and will result in a severe punishment.
  3. The communication features provided through our Minecraft server, the forums and the LuminousMC Teamspeak server is a privilage. Abusing messaging features through partaking in one of the following actions below is strictly against the rules. If you are unsure if content that you intend to send through chat is allowed, please contact a staff member to verify the content.

    • Spamming chat: repeatedly sending similar or identical messages to the point in which it may be bothersome and annoying to other users
    • Linking to material that may be considered objectionable
    • Linking to content that promotes other Minecraft services. This includes, but is not limited to, other Minecraft servers and their corresponding websites and social media content that promotes other Minecraft servers
    • Using miscellaneous communication methods such as poking on the Teamspeak server in a repetitive and bothersome fashion
    • Provoking or insulting people or a group
    • Distribution of personal information on other users
  4. Follow the directions given by any LuminousMC staff member. If you believe a staff member is abusing their power through wrongful punishments or other methods, please email and provide any evidence or details you possess regarding the staff member.

  5. Do not encourage other players to break any rule listed on this page. If a player breaks a rule in response to your directions, you will be held accountable.

  6. Ban evasion is not permitted and will result in a permanent ban on all accounts associated with the original Minecraft account.

  7. If you are not a staff member, do not impersonate or act as if you are a member of the LuminousMC staff.

  8. Do not intentionally take advantage of server exploits that give you an advantage of other players. Doing so may result in a severe punishment, depending on its severity. In many instances we would highly encourage you to email with details regarding the potential server exploit.

  9. Threatening someone in any way, on most LuminousMC services, will not be tolerated. This may include, but is not limited to, DDOS, Dox, and death threats of any form. Their are exceptions to this rule on LuminousMC Teamspeak, depending on the channel you are in.

B. Rules

  1. Your Minecraft username and skin must be appropriate for all ages. Objectionable skins will not be tolerated. Objectionable usernames and any username that gives the impression of or slightly relates to something objectionable will result in punishment.
  2. You may not intentionally negatively impact your team in any way. This includes any of the following actions listed below. There may be actions not listed below that may be deemed against the rules by a staff member.

    • Stealing from team members
    • Griefing team bases and structures
    • Killing or attempting to kill members of your own team
  3. Abusing the report system will not be tolerated. Do not encourage others to report a specific player and do not repeatedly report the same user if a staff member has not attended to the report.

  4. Do not publicly accuse players of hacking.

  5. No spawn killing. This is defined as killing players of other teams briefly after their spawning. Ensure you allow time for enemy team members to acknowledge their location and surroundings. A staff member will use their best judgement to determine if a player is spawn killing.

  6. Do not cooperate with the enemy team in order to give your team a disadvantage.

  7. As a spectator, do not give out tactical information that could potentially give a team or any player in game an advantage over others.

  8. Combat logging (logging off or leaving your team in anticipation of dying) is strictly not permitted.

C. Client Modifications

  1. Any client modifications that give you a severe, game altering advantage over other Minecraft players is not allowed.
  2. The mods listed below are permitted for use through LuminousMC:

    1. Optifine
    2. Gammabright
    3. Mods that change Minecraft's graphical user interface
    4. Toggle Sprint
    5. Rei.s minimap
    6. 5zig PvP Modification
  3. The mods listed below are strictly not allowed to use:

    1. Sorting inventory mods
    2. Fly mods
    3. Aimbots
    4. Toggle-crouch mods that allow crouching while using a Minecraft interface (inventories, menus, chat)
    5. Minimaps that reveals the positions of creatures, players or underground caves/tunnels
    6. Auto-swing mods
    7. Mods that assist in switching tools
    8. X-ray mods or texture packs
    9. Mods that enhance player visibility (enlarged name tags)
    10. Mods that enhance sprinting capabilities
    11. Mods that allow you to see enemy health
    12. Macros, autoclickers, multiple attack buttons, editing hardware or having software to allow clicking than humanly possible, changing default mouse interactions, etc. The general rule as to how you should click is one button, one finger, one click.
  4. Consult a staff member if you are unsure a modification is permitted on The LuminousMC.

  5. Do not intentionally make it look as though you are using a hack client. Doing so will result in a punishment.

D. Forum Rules

  1. Do not create topics or posts that provoke or insult other people or groups. Any content that includes rudeness, harassment, mocking or public shaming will be archived and further punishments may be issued.
  2. Do not encourage "flame wars" or other inflammatory discussions.
  3. Comments about certain events that could be seen as offensive or inappropriate by any individual or group are not tolerated.
  4. Stay on topic in discussions. Posts not relating to the topic will be deleted without hesitation. The staff team reserves the right to lock or archive topics which include:

    • Spam posts
    • Unnecessary bumps, micro-posting or comments that do not contribute to the topic
    • Arguments with the intention of humiliating or casting bad light on certain individuals or groups
  5. Bumping topics is highly discouraged. If you believe a topic has not received the popularity you had hoped, you may bump the post with updates or new ideas that pertain to the topic.

  6. Inappropriate images and links, as mentioned in §A.2, will not be tolerated.

  7. Posts that discuss details regarding other Minecraft servers is not allowed. Certain sections of these posts may be obscured if the post exhibits any text that could be considered advertising.

  8. Titles should be formatted properly and directly relate to the topic you wish to discuss. Staff members reserve the right to modify any misleading, inaccurate or objectionable titles to create an easier and more streamline experience for users.

  9. Discussions surrounding personal updates, accomplishments or events is frowned upon as they are meant to be inclusive rather than oriented around a single person. Punishments for this will only be distributed in the event that a user continuously uses the forums for this purpose alone.

E. Scrimmage Server Rules

  1. All server rules apply with the exception of spawn-blocking, spawn-killing, team griefing, combat logging and team spleefing.
  2. Repeatedly failing to utilize a scrimmage server in compliance with this ruleset will result in a punishment for the players involved.
  3. The LuminousMC will not compensate in any way if a scrimmage server fails to activate or performs insufficiently.
  4. Team leaders are ultimately responsible for each team members actions.

F. Other

  1. These rules are subject to change without notice. Players are responsible for keeping up with rule changes, it is up to you to keep checking the rule page.
  2. There is a one week grace period for rule changes.