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Hello there,

This section is used to suggest any sort of thing you want to see on LuminousMC. It could be for one gamemode or any in particular! This thread will cover the stages of the suggestion process, some of the common tags, and commonly denied suggestions.

How the Process Works

When making a suggestion, you’ll want to navigate to this forum. All the spaces provided should have some content about your suggestion. You don’t want to have a case where the Feedback Team doesn’t understand what you’re suggesting, so they have to deny it.

Any Senior Moderator or above that is on the Feedback Team will be able to handle suggestions as they choose. They typically will happen every couple days or at least once a week. In order to provide more opinions on the topic, they will consult with other members of the Feedback Team before writing a response.

However, if you post 2 of the same thread, you posted a thread and there’s another one just like it pending review or one that you posted has been denied within the past 2 weeks, any member of the Feedback Team is free to close it.

Tags and their Meanings

There are multiple tags for a suggestion that can tell you it’s stage in the process. Below is a list of all the ones used so you are able to understand it better.

[Accepted] - Any suggestion that has been accepted means it has been implemented in the server. This means it could have been implemented in the time that you had suggested it till the time of review, or even that it was accepted previous to the suggestion.

[Pending] - Pending suggestions mean they have been reviewed by the Feedback Team and have been pushed for management approval. These could be any type of suggestions, but typically are ones that would be easier to implement straightaway or something bigger that would be better for a reset. The Feedback Team member handling the suggestion will log it away so management is able to see it. Every 2 weeks or so, the Senior Moderators and above of the Feedback Team will take a look at all of the ones we have awaiting approval to see if any would be good to implement at that time.

[Denied] - Denied suggestions have been reviewed by the Feedback Team and they deemed it wouldn’t be necessary to add into the server. Usually, there will be an in-depth response about why it wasn’t implemented, but know that you’re free to re-suggest it in a couple weeks time as things do change.

[Open] - Open suggestions will be awaiting a member of the Feedback Team to respond to. These are the types of threads that members of the community are able to provide their feedback for and comment on.

Commonly Denied Suggestions

Below is a list of commonly denied suggestions and a little explanation as to why. If you suggest any of these, they likely will be denied for the said reason.

  • Staff specific to one realm - It isn’t really logical to have this because staff could get bored of the one gamemode and want to move to another. Staff also wouldn’t be able to help with a hacker on KitPvP if they were only Helper on Survival.
  • Adding realms - While this is a really nice idea, it rarely happens. The staff team will be alerted by management if a new realm actually is being considered and we’re sure that the players would know as well.
  • Resets - Management is well aware of when a reset is needed and will try to reset it as quickly as possible. Suggesting it doesn’t make it happen any quicker.
  • Adding /fly to the stores or other ranks - Top ranks are a big source of revenue for the server because of the /fly perk that comes with it. Plus, you can get this through crates.
  • Disagree button - We don’t really want a negative outlook for the forums. The only place it’s really needed is in the suggestions category, but there already is a +1 or -1.
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