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    Welcome to LuminousMC!
    LuminousMC is a really cool, community based and very fun server. Players love the server, and love the experience. Here, you can develop and use your skills to conquer others, or use knowledge to persuade your way to victory. Our server currently consists of the skyblock gamemode.
    Soon, hopefully a factions and kitpvp. ;D
    Our server, LuminousMC, is a developed server, and LuminousMC is a beta server, but is also very exciting. Each has it's own awesome distinctions, and original game-play.


    LuminousMC is a more competitive, classic style of skyblock, are always rising, and falling, each having their time of power before the island takes /is top There aren't any custom enchantments, higher levels, or anything in-between. The server is skill based, with each player being equal to others.
    If you like the classic player-vs-player experience of skyblock, without any of the pay to win gimmicks, or non-vanilla over powered enchantments, or RPG statistic buffs, then LuminousMC is the server for you.
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