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    | Helper Applications
    | Important Information

    This is an updated guide made by the Management and Administration team here at LuminousMC. We have created this for those aspiring to become a part of the staff team here at
    . We appreciate seeing new applications and we are glad to see so many of you wanting a Helper position here. Below you will find the steps needed to be taken prior to your application submission. Also included in this post are the pros and cons to making your application, what to do and what not to. Please take the time to read everything thoroughly and follow our advice for the highest chance of acceptance.

    | Requirements

    In order to establish a strong staff team we have put forth a few requirements that everyone applying must follow. If you do not meet any of the following, please review what you are missing and consider applying in the future when you have accomplished the specific requirement. It is important that you never rush to meet this requirements as we are always watching and know when someone does this.

    All members of staff must:

    > Be or over the age of 13 years old.
    > Have 50 or more posts on the forums.
    > Have a strong understanding when it comes to the LuminousMCserver and forums.

    | Application Process

    When creating your application, please do not include any of your personal information. If we should require anything additional from you then you will be contacted privately by one of the admins.

    We aim to review applications twice every month, once at the beginning and again halfway through. Exceptions to this and the overall Helper application process can be made based on the business demands.

    | Your Application

    Before you submit your application, please read through these pros and cons when making your application to make it the best it can be. These points were created from looking at past Helper applications to try and make future ones successful.

    | Pros

    > Detail In Your Application - When filling out your application, make sure to use as much detail as possible throughout and keep it consistent. You are not required to use full paragraphs for each question but we do expect more than one worded answers.

    > Professionalism - This is described as being a mature and well structured individual both in-game and on the forums.

    > Activity - Active members are those that are desired by our team the most. We strive to have a team that is available to be online as much as possible. While in-game activity is the most important we also seek those who are constantly checking the forums and assisting members.

    > Motivation - We seek motivated individuals who are excited and willing to contribute to the community in a new way.

    > Bilingual - We want staff members that can help in any situation, speaking multiple languages will help your application greatly.

    | Cons

    > Improper and Unprofessional Structure - Please ensure that you follow the Helper application template and answer all the questions thoroughly. Use complete sentences and explain yourself in detail as much as possible as this allows us to gain a better understanding of you. Refrain from using emoticons and slang language as this is viewed as unprofessional, instead take the extra time to properly describe your answers in a clear format.

    > Applying Right Away After Meeting Requirements - Take your time when it comes to applying for the Helper position. If you have recently joined our forums and rushed the process to meet the requirements your chances will significantly decrease.

    > Having a History With Bans/Disrespect - An individual on the staff team must always show respect towards the entire community. If you apply for the team with a significant punishment history we will question your intentions and require ample explanation as to why these previous offences shouldn’t affect your application.

    | Frequently Asked Questions

    1.) I want to apply for helper, but it says I can’t post my application, why?
    To post your Helper application you must be a well known individual on the forums with over 50 posts. Do not “post boost” to get your 50 posts. Take your time and earn your posts properly.

    2.) I only play on one server, not all, can I still apply?
    We strongly suggest you try and play on all servers. Staff need to be able to moderate all servers and need to help on all. It is highly suggested that you try and get more play time on other servers to have more knowledge.

    3.) I don’t feel like I am popular enough on the server, does that affect my chances of
    becoming staff?
    No. Popularity does not have a factor in how we chose our staff. We look for detail in your application, experience, and professionalism. We consider anyone who meets the criteria as stated above, not based off of popularity.

    | Conclusion

    Thank you for reading this Helper application guide, we hope it benefited you for when you go to write up your application!

    Should you have any further questions or concerns about the Helper application process then please do not hesitate to contact any member of the staff team.

    We look forward to reading your applications!

    The Luminous Staff Team.
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