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    | (NameHere)'s Developer Application

    | In-Game Username:
    | Previous In-Game Names:
    | Age (16+):
    | Timezone / Country:
    | How many applications have you made before?

    > Please provide us with a brief introduction to yourself and describe some of your qualities that you would bring to the development team. Use this space to tell us why we should consider you over another individual.

    > If you have been punished on the server then please describe your offences and why they shouldn’t affect our decision.

    > Have you ever been in a developer position before? If so, please describe your time there and what you learned from being in that position.

    > Please link any plugins or servers you have helped here, we would like to see some of your work, what you've done for servers and the mark you've left on that server. Good or bad we want to see all your work. We will not judge your work from three years ago so please include everything.

    > How active are you in your respected timezone? Please provide us with an estimate as to how many hours you can contribute during a normal week and weekend.

    > Are you able to use Discord frequently? We use Discord to assist members of our community and hold meetings.

    > Are you currently involved with other servers?

    > How long have you been working with plugins?

    > If at all, what coding languages do you use to most?

    > If there is anything else you would like to share with us that you were not able to include in the above questions?

    > Depending on your work this is a paid position. If you are under 18 years of age you need a parents signature on a forum of consent. If you are accepted you will receive a form and you will get instructions on any further details.
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