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    | (NameHere) Builder Application

    | In-Game Username:
    | Previous In-Game Names:
    | Age (13+):
    | Timezone / Country:

    > Please provide us with a brief introduction to yourself and describe some of your qualities that you would bring to the build team.

    > If you have been punished on the server then please describe your offences and why they shouldn’t affect our decision.

    > How long have you been building for?

    >What style are you most comfortable building with?

    > How active are you in your respected timezone? Please provide us with an estimate as to how many hours you can contribute during a normal week and weekend.

    > Are you able to use Discord frequently? We use Discord to assist members of our community and hold staff meetings.

    > Please show us any screenshots, images or give us coordinates to your builds and please specify which server. (Upload to or and make sure your profiles aren't private. No photos will result in an instant denial.)

    > Asking about your application will result with a instant denial.
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